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Discover your heart.

Yin Yoga, meditation, samara, Costa Rica, women's circles, kambo, relaxing yoga

Weekly Yoga Offerings

Slow Flow & Meditation - Tuesdays @ 11AM

Candlelight Yin - Thursdays @ 4PM

$12 USD

Located at the One Love Studio

Women's Circles, yoga, yin yoga, meditation, kambo, bufo, plant medicine

Women's Circle

Answer the call of sisterhood at our Women's Circle every Tuesday at the One Love Sacred Centre in Sámara.

Each week, we will delve into a different topic or activity, providing a safe space for women to share deeply, nourish your soul and build meaningful connections.


Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 4-5:30PM

$12 USD

kambo Samara, Costa Rica, plant medicine, Bufo, shamanism, women's work, women's circle, yoga

Kambo Ceremony

Intimate container to experience kambo 1:1 or in a group setting.


Sacred space, intention setting, creating a container, sanaga and rapé medicines (optional).​

All participants are required to submit the Health Form & have a consultation call before booking can be confirmed. 

Includes healthy refreshments and sharing in commUNITY after ceremony.


$165 USD - 1:1 Session

$130 USD each - Minimum 3 participants

Manifesting Waist bead tying, women's empowerment, yoga, meditation, kambo

Ritual Waist Bead Tying

Each strand of beads is tied with intention and carries a unique frequency for you to work with.

This is ceremony, this is ritual work!

You will have the opportunity to select the strands of waist beads that resonates with your current aspirations, goals & intentions.

The beads are tied without a clasp & will remain on until the lesson or intention fused into the strand of beads is realized. This could take weeks, months, or even longer, serving as a constant reminder of your commitment to personal growth.

$25 USD/ Strand

You decide how many strands you would like to work with


Self-Application Training

Ready to hold space for yourself?


Kambo self-application training is for those called to work with Kambo on a deeper level.


You will learn safe application of the medicine, how to develop a relationship with the spirit of the frog and how to hold sacred space for yourself.

$555 USD

Kambo, bufo samara, costa rica, plant medicine, psychedelics, healing journey, women's circle, yoga, meditation

Kambo Spirit Point

This offering is an opportunity to sit with one dot of kambo for your first experience with the medicine.

The intention of this experience is to develop a relationship with the frog spirit and experience a loving low dose application of the medicine.

You will be gently guided and meditative. The experience will be more subtle than a full kambo ceremony but it is all you need to tune into the spirit of the frog and feel the benefits of the medicine. There is not usually a purge with a low-dose of medicine.

One dot can be an entire journey. ✨

$80 USD

Bufo Samara, costa Rica, nosara, Kambo, psychedelics, plant medicine, shaman, women's empowerment, yoga

Bufo Medicina Journey

Sacred ceremony with the God Molecule.


A journey with bufo is often described as experiencing non-duality, tapping into unity consciousness and re-connecting with the power of our own divinity.


All participants are required to submit the Health Form & have a consultation call before booking can be confirmed. 

$255 USD

Rapé, hapeh, plant medicine, psychedelics, peruvian medicines, shaman, women's circle, buy hape

Learn to Serve Rapé

Learn to administer sacred tobacco - the spirit of the Grandfather.


This offering is for those looking to bring rapé into their personal practice. We will learn how to connect with the spirit if the grandfather, history and the different application methods - blowing techniques and self-serving vs. serving others.

$65 USD

Yoni steam, yoga, women's circle, plant medicine, kambo, bufo, spa, meditation, healing, shaman

Yoni Steam

This experience is a reconnection to your womb space. An opportunity to develop a relationship and speak with her. Release, purify and go deep within. 


Yoni Steaming is a holistic health practice that involves squatting over a bowl of herbal-infused steam. I will create the space and will guide you fully through the experience.


Yoni steams have many health benefits depending on the herbs selected - balance hormones, promote reproductive health, alleviate menstrual cramps, support detoxification, and enhance overall well-being.

$65 USD

Reiki Level 1, reiki level 2, reiki course samara, costa rica, yoga, healing, energy work, body work

Reiki Level 1&2

Level 1 & 2

One-day Certification Course.


Level 1: a foundational course designed to learn what Reiki energy is and how to work with it for personal healing and relaxation. Introduces the Reiki Principles, how Reiki works with the physical body, understanding and working with the chakras, discussions, demonstration, meditations and an opportunity to practice using Reiki on yourself and classmates.


Level 2: Traditional Reiki techniques used by Dr. Usui are taught in level two training. Including Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho, Byosen scanning, Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho, and Kenyoku. Level 2 is meant to help you hone your skills and gain confidence in becoming a professional Reiki practitioner or continue your studies as a Reiki Master.


Classes include placements and written materials. Upon successful completion of the class a certificate will be provided. 


$222 USD

Classes are offered once per month.

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