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Kambo, Bufo, Women's Circles, Massage Therapy, Plant Medicine, YOni Steam, Waist Bead Tying, Women's Empowerment, community, Sámara, Costa Rica, goddess, Rapé & Sananga, spirituality.
Kambo Medicina









Kambo is a spirit medicine provided to us from the secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog - and is a non-psychoactive traditional Amazonian medicine. Carefully collected without harm to the frog. The frog secretion is applied topically through superficial burns made onto the skin.

Kambo works to remove negative physical, mental and emotional blockages that hold you back from living a healthy, peaceful and balanced life. The experience can be a rebirth - a step outside the comfort zone to discover a new understanding of self, a deeper sense of well-being, alertness and clarity.

On a physical level Kambo can detox the body, strengthen the immune system and activate self-healing within the body.

The collection of Kambo medicine has been highly debated questioning the ethical treatment of the frog when harvesting the sacred secretion.


My understanding is the process is a ritual within itself.


Tribespeople who work with the medicines of the jungle are the Keepers of the Jungle, they posses a knowing of what medicines are being offer for human use and may leave the jungle lands.


Calling out to the frogs by mimicking their sounds, and singing the sweet song of life until the frog sings back giving its location to the hunters. Once caught the frogs are passive when handle and are quite curious about you. Their docile nature is likely a result of leading a life with no natural predators.


The frogs are delicately tied by the legs with straw strings spreading the frog into an X shape. There are a number of methods to encourage producing the milky secretion including tickling the nose or massaging the toes. Some tribes leave the frogs sitting on a branch while the medicine is harvested.


As Keepers of the Jungle tribespeople working with the frog have a strong connection to Mother Earth, including the animal spirits and spirits of the land. During the collection process frogs may become irritated in some instances. Keepers of the Jungle hold a belief that to upset or harm the frog will bring negative consequences. Upsetting the spirit of the frog is not the intention of the collection or spreading of this medicine.


When properly harvested, tribespeople are careful to only take the first lot of secretion. Ensuring that the medicine is strong and that the frogs have plenty of secretion left should they need to defend themselves against predators.


After the harvest is complete, the frog is returned to its natural habitat unharmed. As the frog is released she is joyously celebrated, sending gratitude and respect for her contribution to sacred healing.


A fair exchange in right relation.

Dried Kambo is mixed with a small amount of the practitioner’s saliva and divided into small dots. The dots are then applied topically to the skin through small burn marks on the skin called gates.

Once the medicine is applied, the effects are felt within 60-90 seconds. Kambo courses through the body via the lymphatic system. Increasing the heart rate, decreasing blood pressure.

Most feel an elevated body temperature and warm flush in the upper body and face as the heart begins to pound faster. This experience can overtake the body, feeling dizzy and uncomfortable for some and euphoric for others.

It is common for the face and lips to swell, one may experience a tingling or throbbing sensation on the skin or feelings of pressure, discomfort or warmth depending on where the Kambo is working.

The Kambo will be scanning your body for problems to directly to work on those areas.

At this point the purge process is induced. Purging works on a physical and emotional level and is the elimination process of the accumulated toxins built up in ones body. Purging is often integral to the detoxification process.

Throughout the session it is important to remember to surrender to the experience allowing the Kambo to do its work with love and trust.

After the purge process is complete, the dots will be removed from your body and the major part of your cleanse is over. The entire process lasts approximately 15-25 minutes.  

Post session you may feel tired and need to rest for a short time before returning to your natural state. The benefits are often revealed in the days and weeks post ceremony. After a good night’s sleep many report a noticeably calm state while feeling a renewed supply of energy and focus.

Kambo is not psychoactive so does not produce hallucinations but can produce a short altered state in some people and many people report receiving insights and messages from spirit or their higher self.

The burn marks will heal and fade with time but depending on your skin type you may always have small visible scars. I encourage you to view your Kambo scars as warrior markings, a reminder of showing up for yourself and working through your healing journey. After the dots are removed, the points are dressed with Dragons Blood - an Amazonian tree sap. This helps them to heal faster and ensures they stay free from infection until they scab naturally within a day or so.

Sananga and rapé will be offered optionally prior to and/or after the Ceremony.

Kambo contains dozens of Peptides - short chains of amino acids - some peptides are bioactive, which means they have an affinity for binding with receptor sites in humans. A receptor is like a lock that, when opened with the  right key—the bioactive peptide—triggers specific chemical reactions in the body. Recent studies have shown that Kambo contains multiple antimicrobial peptides effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites & virus. Providing opportunities for the development of new and more efficient therapies for treating infectious diseases.

Kambo not only cleanses the physical body, but it cleanses our emotional and spiritual bodies.

Kambo is an alchemical master removing our energetic and spiritual blockages giving us an opportunity to understand our blocked or repressed feelings by bringing to the surface issues we have suppressed and possibly forgotten.

By moving denser energies, the remnants of unprocessed, unhealthy feelings from the past, we can begin to peel back the layers revealing our authentic self.

The clearer we become, the more resonant we are with all of creation and in this state of being we can truly manifest happiness, joy and abundance in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Many have described their Kambo experiences as a genuine rebirth, similar to stepping through a doorway that they can never pass through again. Kambo helped people reignite their inner courage and to acknowledge themselves on a deeper level, letting go of that which was holding them back and allowing them to embrace their highest happiness.

There is a long list of physical reasons people seek Kambo including to boost ones immune system, gain strength, maintain or regain health and heal dis-ease. Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found on earth. Immediate effects include a clarity of sight, clarity of mind, increased energy, alertness, mood. Longer term Kambo supports the body to self-regulate as it should and be its own healer.

Fasting before the treatment is mandatory. Fast for 8- 12 hours! That includes no coffee or black tea. A small amount of water or herbal tea is fine. Refrain from drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs 3 days prior and post treatment. It is ideal to eat a healthy and nutritious meals prior to treatment. The cleaner your body is coming into ceremony the deeper Kambo is able to take you. 


All treatments are administered by a certificated practitioner through the International Association of Sapo Practitioners (IASP) Circles are held in a safe and sacred manner, sensitive to individual needs and include medicine songs, prayer and supportive shamanic practices.

Time should be dedicated to reflecting on your intention before the session. When setting intentions review what you would like to let go of, what is no longer serving you and what you want to release. Also set intentions for the things you would like to call into your life.

Your your intentions will be discussed prior to receiving Kambo to determine the treatment that would serve you best. Kambo works with your intention and scans your body to work on what is needed most.

All treatments are administered by a certificated practitioner trained with the International Association of Sapo Practitioners (IASP) in a way that honours and respects the medicine. Knowledge and teaching have been brought back from the jungle by Peter Gorman and taught to me by Master Teacher Ananya Maitri (


Circles are held in a safe and sacred manner, sensitive to individual needs and includes medicine songs, prayer and supportive shamanic practices.

Kambo, Bufo, Women's Circles, Massage Therapy, Plant Medicine, YOni Steam, Waist Bead Tying, Women's Empowerment, community, Sámara, Costa Rica, goddess, Rapé & Sananga, spirituality.
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